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Blockchain APIs let developers access and interact with blockchain data.
Blockchain APIs have various use cases, including:
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    Building blockchain applications: Developers can use blockchain APIs to create applications that interact with blockchain networks, such as cryptocurrency trading platforms, decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, or supply chain management systems.
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    Accessing blockchain data: Blockchain APIs provide access to blockchain data, allowing developers to retrieve transaction history, smart contract information, and market data. This data can be used for analysis, reporting, or integration with other applications.
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    Sending transactions: Blockchain APIs enable developers to send transactions to a blockchain network. This includes tasks like sending cryptocurrency, modifying smart contracts, or performing other operations on the blockchain.
Popular use cases for blockchain APIs include: Cryptocurrency wallets, DeFi application, Financial institutions
Some popular blockchain APIs include:
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    Ethereum API: Enables access to Ethereum blockchain data, such as transactions, blocks, and smart contracts.
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    Ripple API: Allows access to Ripple blockchain data, including transactions, blocks, and accounts.
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    Coinbase API: Provides access to blockchain data, including transactions, blocks, and addresses.
When selecting a blockchain API, it's crucial to consider the specific requirements of your application