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Learn how to optimize staking yield through a single click

There are various ways of staking on Ethereum. Running your own validator node, staking through SSV, and plenty of liquid staking options such as Lido, Rocketpool, Stakewise, Swell Network, Frax and more!

So how can users optimize their yield when staking on Ethereum? HashKing aggregator is a smart contract that leverages cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help users to discover the best staking strategies. All users need to do is to click stake and enjoy maximize returns on their Ether!

Aggregator Algorithm

This is a brief overview of how HashKing aggregator works. When user's want to stake or unstake their Eth, a series of complex computations happen behind the scene. It evaluates if there is anyone else planning to stake or unstake, the current projected yield of various protocols and finds the best combination of staking strategies.

The aggregator is non-custodial in nature. Users can see the exact breakdown of their staked Eth on-chain. And users can withdraw their Eth from the smart contract anytime (may have some restrictions until after Shanghai Upgrade) as long as they have their private keys.

Risk Minimization & Yield Maximization

The modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a practical method for selecting investments in order to maximize their overall returns within an acceptable level of risk. The key insight is that by combining assets with different expected returns and volatilities, one can decide on a mathematically optimal allocation which minimizes the risk for a target return – the set of all such optimal portfolios is referred to as the efficient frontier. And that is precisely what HashKing aggregator offers.

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