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Registering SSV Operator

Step 1: Once you have logged in to ChainUp Cloud, you will need to select the option of creating a new node(SSV).
Step 2: Now, type in the name of your node, and select the Blockchain, Network and Node Type.
If this is your first time using SSV, you can select the Testnet option for the network type. This will allow you to test the SSV protocol without having to make a real payment. If you are ready to stake on the mainnet, select the Mainnet option for the network type.
user may configure the node configuration
Step 3: Return to the dashboard and click the SSV node to configure the SSV operator.
Step 4: Connect your wallet and click Register Operator.
view ssv operator's details after successful registration
Step 5: Fill in the Operator details. Set the amount of fee you want to charge the users for your operator. To verify, press next and confirm.
Step 6: Lastly, register the operator by signing the transaction, and you are done!
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