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Staking on FIL

1 . Install the MetaMask plug-in wallet

2 . Add the FIL chain to the MetaMask plugin

The MetaMask plug-in installation supports the ETH main chain wallet by default. To use the Filecoin ecology, you need to add the network; currently supports two methods: one is to open the Hashking FilStaking official website to automatically add the main chain information, and the other is to add the main chain information in MetaMask
The steps to add the main chain information in MetaMask are as follows:
  • Click "Extensions"; open the "MetaMask Plugin" extension;
  • Switch network on "MetaMask"
  • Select "Add Network"
  • Select "Manually add a network"
  • Configure the Filecoin-EVM network
Network name: Filecoin-mainnet
Added RPC URL:
Chain ID: 314
Symbol: FIL
Block Manager URL:
  • After saving, "MetaMask" is added successfully, and it will automatically switch to the Filecoin mainnet

The official website automatically adds the main chain information

  • Click "Connect Wallet"
  • Select "MetaMask" in the pop-up box and approve adding the network
  • After the addition is successful, I will automatically switch to the Filecoin-EVM network

3. Withdraw funds to the Filecoin Mainnet network

At present, Filecoin has wallet addresses with different prefixes. The addresses used in the Filecoin-EVM ecosystem are addresses with prefixes starting with F4 or 0X. You can view the corresponding addresses in "MetaMask" or "Blockchain Browser"
  • View payment address
  • Transferred Assets
Users can transfer funds from other wallets or exchanges to the wallet address;
Note: Please be sure to confirm that the receiving network is Filecoin-EVM.