How to create Validator Keys?

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of generating your Validator Keys. These keys are not just random numbers—they are the digital keys to your assets and transactions, ensuring tha


a. A compatible wallet (currently only supports Metamask) that holds more than 32 Eth

b. Generate deposit_data-timestamp.json which can be done through the deposit-cli tool.

Specifically, what we actually need is the withdrawal_credentials within the deposit_data-timestamp.json

1. Generating deposit_data/withdrawal_credentials

Step 1: Download the deposit CLI app here, ensuring you've selected the right one for your operating system.

Please make sure that you are downloading from the Ethereum Foundation's official GitHub account -

Step 2: Once the download is complete, uncompress the downloaded file.

Step 3: Open your command line/terminal.

Step 4: navigate (cd) to the directory containing the executable deposit file.

Step 5: Run the executable with the following command deposit.exe new-mnemonic --num_validators 1 --chain mainnet for Windows and ./deposit new-mnemonic --num_validators 1 --chain mainnet for Linux or MacOS.

Step 6: Please note down the mnemonic phrase and locate the deposit_data file

You can find alternative key generating tools here recommended by the Ethereum foundation.

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