ETH Staking API

This API allows you to interact with the staking process for the Ethereum blockchain. Here's a breakdown of the key functionalities:

The following are the steps for ETH staking/unstaking:

Here are the five steps of the staking process:

1. Create Validators:

  • Use the Staking API to create special accounts called validators, up to 100 at once.

  • The API provides an unsigned transaction that will deposit ETH to these validators.

2. Sign Transaction:

3. Broadcast Transaction:

  • Two options for broadcasting the signed transaction:

    1. Manual Broadcast: Use the provided code for reference, but proceed only if you have technical expertise.

    2. API Broadcast: Simplify the process by using the Staking API endpoint POST /api/v1/validator/broadcast.

4. Query Rewards:

  • Track your earnings using the Staking Rewards API.

  • Get more information about specific validators using the Staking API endpoint POST /api/v1/validator/details.

5. Exit (Optional):

  • To stop staking with a validator and withdraw your ETH, use the Staking API endpoint POST /api/v1/validator/exit.

  • Expect a waiting period for funds to become available.

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